Separate category for Nitrokey 3?

Would that be possible to create a separate category for Nitrokey 3 and move all the questions there?

I am not interested in this one and I’d like to mute that category for myself, thanks.

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That sounds fair, as currently it holds FIDO2 and NFC related topics, with the upcoming OpenPGP, PIV and other, making it a big mix of everything, worthy of a separate category.
Or shall we categorize it by a feature instead?

What do you think @admins ?

The question is how much work do you want to have to move questions to the categories. Don’t overdo it…

Aren’t these tags-like attributes (with thread having multiple categories)? At least this is what I thought. If so, then it should not be an issue to categorize each as pair (model, feature).

The more features Nitrokey 3 will get (e.g. OTP, OpenPGP Card, HSM), the more overlap with the other Nitrokeys…

hey hey,

how about:

Nitrokeys ->
   FIDO2 (NK3)
   Pro/Start (OpenPGPCard)

all again with german/english as subcategories, …
these are all hierarchies, thus no tags

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