Setting key-attr with gpg lose admin pin

I’ve just upgraded to v1.6.0 and tried again to work with gpg…

so i did a factory-reset to start with an empty key.

First i let PIN and admin PIN as is… 123456 for the pin and 12345678 for the admin pin.

then i tried to change the key-attr to ed25519. gpg asks me for the admin pin…
and a gave gpg 12345678… and got “bad PIN” back… 3 times, now the key is locked.

Factory reset again.

i changed the pin, admin pin and resetcode to other values i have stored in my passwordmanager.
did the same again… when gpg asks me for the admin pin to change the key-attr i get “Bad PIN” back. After 3 times the key is locked and has to be factory-reset again.

Holy shit! Is the gpg-implementation in nitrokey broken? is the nitrokey itself broken? or is gpg from my debian that bad?


opcard-rs applet is still in development and basic features are implemented around RSA.

After 3 years i bought the keys… i can not use them…

sorry… no excuse.