Setup new Nitrokey Storage 2

Hello. Attempting to set up brand spanking new Nitrokey Storage 2. Mac OS Big Sur 11.4. Nitrokey app v. 1.4.0.
Guys, seriously? The setup instructions at [(Getting Started | Nitrokey)] are not clear. After looking through the app itself and the nitrokey-app and Menu menus, I finally found the menus by clicking on the icon on the right side of the Mac OS menu bar. Any reason why you wouldn’t mention this in the documentation?
I have a couple of questions:

  1. I have firmware v. 0.55 pre-installed. I checked the latest available firmware file (storage-firmware-V0.54-0-g0b1ed2d.hex). This is v. 0.54, right? So I don’t need to upgrade the firmware?
  2. Do I or don’t I need to have openPGP keys on the key before I update the three passwords from the defaults?

I will pass the note to our documentation team. As for the questions:

  1. The latest one is v0.55, and this is the same as the latest on the firmware releases page.
  2. No need to have the keys for the PINs change. I think this is valid only for the Nitrokey Start.

Thank you very much.