Several issues on new nextbox

owning the nextbox for about a month now. not very happy with it:

  • despite the information to be able to activate ssh i cannot find a place where to enable ssh for the users on the nextbox at all
  • although there should be a possibility to shutdown / restart the device, there is no place where to perform these actions on the nextbox webgui
  • the pending update (21.0.4 - getting permanently reminded) cannot be installed on the nextbox - when clicking ‘open updater’ the dashboard of the nextbox is presented (without any update-features or further information)
  • several links from the nextbox webgui settings-menu to help-sites / documentations just open a ‘unable to connect’ site
    searching the internet (not only nextcloud and nitrokey) for helpful documentation or how-tos is frustrating as nothing useful can be found. either it is about ‘normal’ nextcloud installations (which are not the same as nextbox) or it mentions things about nextbox that are not available on my nextbox.
    also several factory-resets did not help.
    i am not sure if the nextbox is really ready to be used seriously.
    thanks for any advices.

You can activate ssh inside the “system settings” (left side navigation, might need scrolling down). ssh is a administration feature, means enabling it for other users despite the admin (you) is neither intended nor useful for a nextcloud server. Although, if you really need this you are free to do this by yourself using your ssh access.

It’s actually there: “System Settings” → Last Section: “Reboot” & “Power off” (Could it be that you use a small resolution and you do not see the “System Settings” inside the NextBox App on the left side, then please scroll the navigation down. This is not nice, but kind of a “Nextcloud feature” we currently have no solution for.

As to be found in a very recent post here: [NextBox] Aktualisierung auf Nextcloud 21.0.4 verfügbar, we’d love to update Nextcloud, but there is a bug in Nextcloud (Fresh installation redirects to http://index.php/apps/dashboard/ (host missing) · Issue #27575 · nextcloud/server · GitHub) which is simply blocking this update. And if you check the FAQ, you will find information on how the updates happen: Nextcloud FAQ — Nitrokey Documentation (3rd point)

Can you be more precise here please? The main link for the documentation (on the Overview page) of the NextBox App leads to: NextBox — Nitrokey Documentation which is clearly working. Which other “several links from the webgui” are existing or do not work? If this is the case, we’ll happily fix that.

hallo Markus
danke für Deine antwort.
das mit der auflösung ist ja sehr bescheiden, auf meinem 15" macbook display (leicht grösser als default: 1536x960) sehe ich die ‘system settings’ (die nicht das gleiche wie ‘settings’ und ‘system’ sind) nicht ohne zu scrollen, wenn ich am externen monitor da hin schaue sind sie da… auch ‘ssh …’ und ‘system power state’.
das mit dem update ist auch… ok - danke für den link.
die links aus der gui funktionieren jetzt wieder, war scheinbar was temporäres (es waren die 'i’s neben den überschriften in der ‘verwaltung’).
alles gut für den moment :slight_smile:

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