[NextBox] Aktualisierung auf Nextcloud 21.0.4 verfügbar


when will the update Nextcloud 21.0.4 also be available for the Nextbox?

Thank you and greetings.

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Hey hey,

we’d love to update the Nextcloud version, currently a bug in the Nextcloud server is blocking this update: Fresh installation redirects to http://index.php/apps/dashboard/ (host missing) · Issue #27575 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

So the answer is something like: once the bug is fixed.


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Thank you for the information.

Then I look forward to the update as soon as it is available.

Hi there,

why is version 21.0.0 not updated in the meantime to the next higher (and more stable) version (21.0.3) until version 21.0.4 is released?

Kind regards

The problem described in the issue linked above is present from 21.0.1 onwards, means any version after the currently rolled-out one will have this bug, this is the reason why we haven’t updated yet.


Can we expect an update to 21.0.7 in the near future?

Thank you and greetings.

This is totally in the pipeline, we just have to 1st solve another third-party induced bug: Update fails - maintainance mode - #32 by daringer

The solution should be available today, once this has settled we’ll roll out the next Nextcloud release…

Is the update already out or was the rollout stopped?

My Nextbox has not received a Nextcloud update yet, it’s still on 21.0.0.
The NextBox Daemon was updated to version 1.0.15-1 though (about a week ago).

The Nextcloud update will roll out this week, 1.0.15 was to the Mail-App-Maintenance issue…

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just released 1.0.16 including Nextcloud 21.0.7, should install without any required user-interaction


Sounds good, want to see when the new version reaches us.

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Thanks a lot @daringer, update was installed overnight without any issues.
Really cool to see this working out so smoothly! I’m happy to have invested into my Nextbox.

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Hello -and thank you for this!
I see indeed my box seems to have self-updated, and now I have updates for Contacts, Calendar… but no active email, since I am among the ones that ssh-injected your initial hack to deactivate the module.
For me, being away from the Nextbox at least for a week or two, is it safe to reinstall email from the standard interface (after updating it to the latest 1.11.4!), or should I wait to be myself back in front of the NB, just in case?
Thank you!

our tests show that if the Mail app is deactivated, then activation will only work if there is no error while enabling. So you should be able to enable it anytime and it won’t break anything…

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@daringer Perfect -thank you Markus!
Done it and it works :slight_smile: