Shipping to US - are you really serious in selling tokens?

I ordered my token on December 25 CET. The payment was processed by PayPal instantly. Today is January 7. So far I haven’t received any tracking number or message regarding the shipment process. Are you serious about your business? And I don’t think I will ever buy anything from you anymore. Grow up, become serious, maybe become Germans, and show responsibility. If you are careless in shipping, you are for sure careless in making your products. If you sell security, sell it on all layers.

Hey, thank you for your friendly words. You received your tracking link separately. Depending on the chosen shipment methods, international shipments over this season can take several days.

Thank you for sending me the tracking information. You should understand, even better than me or everyone else in this forum, that having the actual tracking information is critical for safely sending HSM USB devices. If one sees the device is staying for too long at the customs, if the package is being strangely re-routed, it is better not to use that particular HSM device in any important IT infrastructure. And that has nothing do with friendly or unfriendly style of communication, love-hate, personal like of dislike, since there is a serious technical issue. True, there are high class crypto devices that come with installed in advance (before shipping) X.509 certificate inside and the communication between the host and the device is always digitally signed, using (unfortunately) proprietary drivers - in that case you don’t really need to care too much about the delivery process. But this it is not the case with the delivery of HSM USB devices (regardless the vendor). And yes, your devices are most probably the best HSM USB ones. But without proper delivery tracking and estimating the risk of having those devices exposed to a physical intervention, or a replacement, they end up being something nice boutique item you can safely obtain only at your office. For instance, it would be helpful when buying a token to get the shipping information immediately after it becomes available, and add to it at least the serial number of the device, or to put some unique sticky tape on the USB port, so to make it obvious if someone was trying to connect the device during the delivery. By the way, I have just received the device. Thank you.