[SOLVED] Nextbox backup fail to mount/see storage device

hi i am trying to make a backup of my nextbox
so far i am unable to see the harddisk i have attached to the nextbox

i have tried following the documentation guide

i have formatted the drive to EXT4
the external drive has external power
it does not show up in storage management
so i am unable to mount the harddisk

any suggestions on what to try next what to do?

i have tried rebooting the nextbox

Hey @christian_olsen,

  • did you check the hard-drive on another machine, does it mount properly
  • did you create a partition and then format this partition as ext4, it might not work if you format the drive as ext4 without a proper partition


SOLVED have to make sure that you actually create a partition on the drive

thanks for your help

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please also mark the post as solution, helps others with the same issue :wink:

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is there a special way to Mark my reply as the solution?

There should be a clickable “[ ] solution” left of each posts “reply” button, if you are the thread author.

Okay i have looked and i cant find it sorry.