[Solved] Nitrokey FIDO2 with Powershell and SSH - No Nitrokey found


i have a Nitrokey FIDO2 on a win10 PC, if i open a Browser and look for NK Updates on: Nitrokey FIDO2 Webupdate I see:

Environment information
Chrome on Windows 10 64-bit (WebAuthn supported)
Connected Nitrokey FIDO2 firmware version: 2.4.1
Latest Nitrokey FIDO2 firmware version: 2.4.0.nitrokey
Device state: normal mode
Connected device: Nitrokey FIDO2
Update application status: (4) Inspection finished

But, if i open a powershell, login to a SSH Server to generate a new fido.key file - the Nitrokey is not present?!

what do I have to do so that the Nitrokey is recognized by the powershell?

Installing nitropy on Windows - Nitrokey Documentation