SSO Login via your FIDO2 token


According to the:

  • Passwordless login to local Windows 10 computers
    Your employees can login to their Azure Active Directory administrated Windows 10 Pro computers without a password. They only need a Nitrokey FIDO2.
  • Passwordless login to your own enterprise systems
    Replace your password policy, forbidden sticky notes with passwords and cumbersome password resets by passwordless login with Nitrokey FIDO2. Security and acceptance through simplicity. We can help you with integrating passwordless login in your enterprise environment.

You offer to suggest a method of integrating a local on premise SSO with your FIDO2 tokens authentication?
Is it some type of Kerberos SSO integrated with your FIDO2?
Does Azur use a Kerberos for “Azure Active Directory administrated Windows 10 Pro” ?


Sorry for the delay.
Please take a look at:

The AAD FIDO2 based login is MS proprietary solution. I do not know the details unfortunately. Strangely I cannot find the docs link at the moment regarding setting it up.