State of the product nitrokey3

I got the nitrokey 3C some months ago. Now evenings get longer and I wanted to start.

It seems that the only documentation are five short pages at Nitrokey 3 With Windows - Nitrokey Documentation
Do I understand that only FIDO2 and FIDO 2FA work?
Everything else is “planned”? Since about two years?
For windows there is no working software at all only nitropy is “testing”?

Please tell me that I did miss something …


welcome to our forum!
nitropy has become quite stable on windows and we update it continuously. One can consider it working but we dont want to remove the experimental flag as long as we make bigger changes.

OpenPGP features are in alpha right now and we inform about the ongoing development in our blog (OpenPGP Card Alpha For Nitrokey 3 | Nitrokey).

The nitrokey 3 was announced 1.5 years ago as “work in progress” product, which is still the case.

Ofcourse we hoped to be faster and at a further point but the global chip shortage did slow us down.
You can read all the details in our blog.

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