Stickers anywhere available?

Six different stickers are currently in print.
sticker_secure_your_digital_life_55x85mm sticker_security_through_open_source_35x105mm sticker_protected_by_nk_50x50 sticker_logo_silver_round_45mm

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Looks promising. Nice!

Excellent ! I like the last two most, where your logo is total visible, but all are good !I just think the “shield” is a very good symbol. BTW: I just wonder , when you offer in the future USB-C, do you change your logo ?

:thinking: we may just shouldn’t change to USB-C then, if we need to change the logo too :joy:

Come On ! I don’t like the rat-tails on my macbook :smiley:

Well, I got this sticker today together with my new order.

Either my letter never received or Nitrokey does not send out stickers “for free”. Can you clarify this? Do you send people some stickers if they send a letter to you with prefranked envelope or do you only send stickers with orders?

Hi Perflyst,

as far as I know you should have got some with you envelope. Of course we would send them without a order, no problem with that. May @jan can help next week.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Kind regards

@Perflyst We sent stickers to all users resp. letters we received. If you didn’t received it, is might be lost but we don’t keep track of all letters we sent.

If you want stickers, please send us an email with your shipping address.

Aha! -it was about time : below, what my initial post above had become with time :

But now!!

And moreover :

On Monday I continue with the work PC :wink:

Thanks NitroAlex!

What email address should we use?

Send your enquiries to info@ or via the contact form.

How do I need to place an order so that I receive some stickers ? My new HSM just arrived without any … :frowning:

Send us a stamped envelope or simply drop us an email with your postal