Stickers anywhere available?


do you offer anywhere some stickers?
Can we send you a stamped envelope and get some stickers back?

Would be very cool.


We don’t have stickers yet but we could prepare some. That would take two or three weeks. Feel free to send us an envelope.

Very cool. I will prepare the envelope right now. Should I add a specific topic next to the adress?

A short note would do it. BTW, what is the purpose of the stickers for you?

They will find a place on laptop or desk. I already placed the “sticker” from the packaging in which the nitrokey was there but some other nitrokey sticker would be look good too.

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eh, good idea -doesn’t the rectangular card delivered with the camera cover goodie turns into a sticker, also? (I didn’t check indeed!!)

No it does not. The card is just some paper.

Yeah, I like the idea of stickers to a laptop - either as “Protected by …” or just the shield to make people aware that everything is encrypted well ( or that they also need to take the NK with them LOL )

Any specific ideas for good stickers, e.g. slogans or alike?

The slogan on the square sticker coming on the key parcel is very cool already, one may just need to change the bottom “getting started” to just
And maybe enlage a bit the upper slogan, same or larger than the url…

I like the square form factor; like the OP I think I’m going to unglue this parcel sticker to put it on my Linux box. With a second one I’d invade my work PC too, which, probably, is more visible :slight_smile:

Maybe, specific to NK storage, one could state something like
’the only safe verified end-to-end’
, or 'Your only safe proofed end-to-end’
-but it’s a bit sad to circumvent this to storage, unless we consider safe is a general term…

I would also like a smaller sticker with only the logo (or logo with “Nitrokey” behind)

Machine is a German Tuxedo laptop, coming with Linux preinstalled


Or just a small round sticker with just the logo - could be a good discussion point when people look at your machine

Do we already have a sticker template?

There is the one that comes on the plastic bag in the parcel -I detached it and applied on my computer, as you can see in the pic above.
But the printing ages really bad : just by the daily pressure of my palm the black part is slowly erasing itself at this moment.
My advice : take care of the inking robustness :wink:

Yeah I know. I asked because jan wanted to print some.

Thanks. Noted. :slight_smile: …

And shipping will be when ???

I too would be very interested in some Nitrokey stickers. I think what you guys are doing is fantastic, and I would probably slap them on a few of my devices that are “Nitrokey Ready”, aka almost everything if the basic functionality works on Android via an OTG connection (which USB-C on newer devices makes much easier).

Have you looked at having them done via StickerMule or some other vendor to make the international shipping easier?


Any news?