Stuck at Disk Password

Noob here. I just got my nitropad with Qubes and I’m already stuck at “Disk password”. Upon receipt of my new computer I got into Qubes by entering “PleaseChangeMe”. I created a new user account with Qubes and was able to unlock my screensaver and get back into Qubes. I may have changed the PIN on my nitrokey but I’m not sure if I did it right. I never changed the passphrase for the hard disk encryption. I restarted my computer and when I get to “Disk password” I’m stuck. I tried “PleaseChangeMe”, my Qubes password (that I use to unlock the screensaver), the original PIN for the Nitrokey (123456) and also my new nitrokey PIN that I may have changed it to. None of these passwords work. Please help.


I am sorry, but there is a chance you had lost access to your disk due to UI issues we had in version 1.0 of the NitroPad firmware (namely Heads). You will need to reinstall Qubes on your NitroPad, which should be fairly simple.

  1. Please update your firmware with the following guide (v1.1 at the moment):
  2. Next step is installing the QubesOS itself:

In case you would have any questions to the guides I have linked please let me know.