Stuck in maintenance mode

hi my Nextbox is stuck in maintenance mode

not sure how i can fix it

i tried turning the nextbox off and on again but it didnt help

does anybody have any ideas thank you

Hello, my nextbox too.
A backup in the morning worked well, but in the evening the backup stayed in maintenance mode.
My last action before: I tried to look at metadatas in a picture. The metadatas are a little tricky and written by digikam into an image. The app wasn´t able to read them in an longtime process, so I tried to end it while I switched into the nextbox-app and started the backup.
That was it.
What to do. I don’t want to to stop the nextbox.

Come to think of it my nextbox was updating earlier friday i was in my way out the door so i just let the computer stay in case i needed to do approve anything. When i got back it was stuck in maintenance mode

The info text said that it could be a while before it was ready

So i let it stay overnight
And the next day nothing had changed and it didnt Seem like the nextbox was doing anything usually i care hear it running.

Thats when i decided to try turning it off and on again

You can disable the maintenance mode of your NextBox by pressing the button once shortly, as described here: LED Colors and Patterns — Nitrokey Documentation

Thank you very much

I Will try that when i get home

Sorry for the late reply have been very busy lately