Support Nitrokey 3 OpenPGP on Android (OpenKeychain)

Nitrokey 3 has recently added support for OpenPGP and it would be great if it could be used on Android, for example with OpenKeychain. Although its maintenance is on hold, I don’t know of any other alternatives at this time.

It looks like I was wrong, I tested it today by first adding the public key to the app from a file (since it didn’t want to read it from the token). The application works with Nitrokey 3, successfully encrypts and decrypts files.

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Are you sure this works? Here it looks like the NK3 is not supported by OpenkeyChain. I’ve manually imported the public-key but I am not able to decrypt mails in K9.

If I open an encrypted mail a Dialog pops-up showing a message: “This key is not available. To use this key, you have to import them as one of your own keys”

When I try to add the Token to OpenkeyChain it reports: “This Security Token is not yet supported by OpenKeychain”

It doesn’t work over USB, but it works with NFC. Although on the latest firmware it doesn’t connect, it says that I removed the token too early, although this is not the case. At the same time, a red light is on on the token.

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Thanks for your response! In this case I suspect my nitrokey has a nfc-malfunction :roll_eyes:. It seems to be not detected at all.

Seems to be a problem with NFC on 1.4.0 is known: OpenPGP card stuck after trying to use it in OpenKeychain · Issue #157 · Nitrokey/opcard-rs · GitHub

I faced the same issue on both of my nk3c with latest firmware 1.5.0

And now i read, that gpg via NFC is not supported anymore… wtf…
And it does not work via USB-C on my android with openkeychain. Not on my Huawai not on my Samsung.


Just to confirm/understand: you imported your public key which resides on the Nitrokey 3 into OpenKeychain and then encrypting via NFC works on Android?