The nitrokey-app is awful

I genuinely did not have a good experience using the nitrokey-app. During password entry, the key inputs are laggy and sometimes skip a key, for no apparent reason, making you mistype your password, and if you’re lucky, lock your key.

Furthermore, the password safe is plain broken. It doesn’t properly store Unicode characters. So anyone who relies on this product as a password safe has to artificially limit the search space required to crack their passwords, because apparently there are still people in 2016 who are not using UTF-8.

As it stands, the password store functionality is completely useless for me.

The App handles UTS-8 properly. Your issue may be caused by the limited text field length. When using UTF-8 the characters consume more space. We fixed the App recently to indicate properly how much (UTF-8) characters can be entered.

For the slow response it would be helpful to know you operating system and 32 or 64 bit.

I have to agree. The app is rather bad. The password keeper puts some rather arbitrary limits on password length. I can’t put any of my current passwords into the app and I can’t think of any good reason why. It’s very kludgy to use. I also don’t understand the point of having an encrypted drive and a hidden drive but only being able to use one. Additionally, the fact that you have a hidden drive is shown in the app. If I ever have to show someone what’s on the encrypted portion of the drive I’d have to use the app and those people would see the option of having a hidden portion. And since we can’t use the encryption partition once we have a hidden partition why ask how big to make the hidden partition? Just take all of the space because I can’t read or write to the other space anyway.

I can’t say as I think that the Nitro Storage is ready for prime time. I think there should be a version of the Pro that removes the password manager but has verified and updatable firmware. The encrypted storage is fickle and the password manager is not very useful.

This is because of hardware limitations. The hardware simply hasn’t more space available.

In order to hide them, hidden volumes are stored within the space of the “normal” encrypted volume. Both volumes share the space. Therefore writing data into the “normal” volume might effectively corrupt the hidden volume. See the concept explained here: … n%20Volume

It’s not a secret that Nitrokey can hold hidden volumes. People read it on our website. What hides a hidden volume is the fact that it’s not there by default and that people can’t tell if it has been setup or not (without knowing the dedicated password).

Yes, the setup process of hidden volumes will be make more easier in the future.