The set up screen for Nextbox doesn't display

@daringer perhaps you can help?

I speak English and haven’t used Next Cloud before. I thought NextBox would make it simple, but I’m having trouble so far.

NextBox is plugged in and showing a solid green ligh and is connected to my Netgear Nighthawk router, but can’t connect to http://nextbox.local/ to do the initial set up.

I’ve tried:
-a factory reset
-different browsers
-pinging nextbox.local in the command prompt (found in Support for someone else having a similar issue, which worked for them, but I get the message “Ping request could not find host nextbox.local. Please check the name and try again.”)
-disconnecting my VPN

None of those things have helped and I’m out of my own ideas, I need assistance from someone more knowledgeable than I am. Any ideas/help, will be appreciated, the simpler the better :slight_smile:


for the setup you need to disconnect from your vpn at least till the remote access is configured.
Unfortunately the nextbox.local way seems not to work with your router (this is a common thing with some router :unamused: ) so you need to find out the ip address of the nextbox, there are diffrent way to do this:

  1. You should be able to login in to your router and see the IP address it gave to your nextbox (maybe somewhere under DHCP or DHCP Leases , I’m not familiar with this kind of Router)
  2. you could scan your network, there are a millions way to do this I like this app Port Authority | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository for example
    Maybe also this helps

If you have the IP then you can just type this into your browser and you will get to the Setup for your NextBox

@nesti Thanks, so much! I don’t know if you work for Nitrokey or are a helpful member of the community-either way, I think that’s all I needed to get on track.
I scanned the ports to figure out the Nextbox IP address, typed that into my browser and now I see the Create an Admin account screen I expected to see when I typed in nextbox.local

I created an account, and will have to pause here until later today, but I should be able to follow the instructions from here on out to get theNextbox fully set up.

Which will be great, because I was a day or two away from trying to return it.



I work for nitrokey, so we would got you on track latest if you write as a mail :smiley:
Glad I could help

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