Threema Work on NitroPhone

At work we are currently planning to roll out Threema Work as a secure messenger. We also like to use secure phones wherever possible. So we consider purchasing NitroPhones, especially for the high security areas.

My question is, has anyone experience with Threema Work on NitroPhone, or on Graphene OS? Does it work without problems (including push messages)? Can we just install the app from the Aurorastore and activate it?

Thanks and kind regards

I’m using Threema (not Work) on NitroPhone without any issues. You can use it without Google Play Service in which case Threema regularly pulls for new messages. In this case the notifications can be slower up to a few minutes but I barely noticed this delay. I think when Google Play Services are installed, Threema should get new message notifications instantly.

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hey jan, thanks for your reponse. So it seem you use pull to retrieve the messages. The newest version should have an option for Threema Push (see Threema Push for Android). Have you tried that yet?

What happens, when the phone is locked, do you still receive pull messages? I am just asking, because we plan to use Threema as an emergency channel and that means we might have time critical messages.

I wasn’t aware of Threema Push. So maybe I’m using it already without knowing. I do receive messages on locked screens.

I’m afraid I can’t provide you any more details and I didn’t really measure how long messages take. Seems like the next step would be to test it on your side.