TURN for Nextcloud TALK

Hello all together,

first and foremost thank you for this wonderful little piece of technology =). It’s already been a great pleasure tinkering with its possibilities.

As it so happens, I have stumbled across the talk app, which I have made already use off, and here in lies my problem. The Turn server configuration, which is need as soon as I want to chat with friends from outside, needs a shared secret which apparently is set up during the installation process of coturn. As this installation routine conveniently is taken care of, there is no way to figure out this secret. Can someone help me with this step, please? I have no clue where to look for the secret, nor what to do to set up a new one.

Or is it that I supposed to set secret in the secret box for the first time?

Thank you and kind regards

As far as I understand from chat, my described attempt is outside what nextbox is made for. Can be closed.