U2F security and other duplicate keys

I read that the NK Storage and Pro keys have, One-time passwords for secure login (two-factor authentication) on the web and local computers/applications. Compatible with Google, Facebook and many more.

  • Does that mean I don’t need a separate U2F key?
  • If not, can you give me a more precise update when the U2F keys are shipping…? I use my Trezor for it at the moment but I rather use a cheaper stand-alone USB key for this.
  • I am planning to get a couple of Storage keys, a Pro key and a couple of U2F keys in the near future. Can I make the keys compatible [duplicate with same login] for various laptops. so that girlfriend/wife has capability to open my laptop as well in case of emergency?
    Thank you.


not necessarily. Please have a look at http://www.dongleauth.com/ Every site which supports OTP should be able to make use of the NK Pro and Storage. There may are sites which does only support U2F. In this case you can not use the Pro or Storage for authentication, but only the FIDO U2F.

We will update the shop-page as soon as we know a precise date. Shipping should be done in autumn.

It may depend on the actual use case. You can use the same pgp keys/subkeys of one NK for different keys. I plan to write a new instructions for this. Until then this site is the most detailed and complete resource. So everything you use the pgp keys for, can be managed with different nitrokeys. OTP and other secrets are mostly bound to the card itself.

Kind regards