Ubuntu 18.04.3 Nitrokey not detected

Hy there
I have installed the app version 1.4.0 from snapd and libccid version 1.4.29-1. Then I rebooted my PC but Ubuntu will not recognize the Nitrokey device. I only get the information: “Nitorkey is not connected”.
When I check this on my Win10 machine the device will be recognized there as it should be. Firmware version of the Nitrokey is 0.10.
I have checked this forum here, but could not find any further help for this.
Any idea what to do else?


Probably the Udev rules were not installed to handle Nitrokey devices on your system yet. These are different, than libccid offers. scdaemon package should offer the proper ones.

Can you take a look at a guide from https://www.nitrokey.com/download/appimage-and-snap?