Ubuntu image 20.04 installer partman crash

I was reinstalling a nitropad OS last week. The nitrokey OEM Ubuntu image was updated a month ago, on 3rd march 2022. I noticed the following:

  1. On USB booting the image, the Ubuntu installer reports errors in 2 files, but continues to load. (yes, I checked the sha256sums prior)
  2. The automatic installer crashes on the disc partioning step, with an error “ubi-partman crashed”. The error message then did not accept input/clicks. A hard reset was necessary.

The crash happened after the installer had created the cryptsetup/lvm, because it was existing on the next boot (then into the Ubuntu live system). However, after unlocking the LUKS device in the live system, the lvm is active and the installer did not allow me to set mount points to continue/repeat.

I stopped trying and continued with manual repartitioning (I used the live system to install Arch). So, this is not a persistent problem for me, but there still may be a hick-up with the Ubuntu OEM image dated 03. March 2022.



thx for reporting this I open an issue with this report From Forum · Issue #8 · Nitrokey/ubuntu-oem · GitHub there you can track the resolve of this