Unable to delete files on read/write mounted unencrypted volume


I have a Nitrokey Storage 2 and wanted to update the executables found by default on the unencrypted volume. I put it to read/write and copied it over. Then I realized the names were a bit different and wanted to just delete the original files. Seems like I cant. I can overwrite them if they have the same name. But neither “Cut” or just delete will work. I am on Windows 10 btw, latest firmware aswell.


Hey! The Unencrypted Volume is read-only by default - you need to change that settings in Nitrokey App before writing there. If this option does not show up, you can run it with --admin switch, or use the latest Nitrokey App Beta for this single use operation:

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Thank you for the reply and sorry if it sounds harsh but: Did you even read my post? :joy:

It says it in the description aswell as in the first post that I already unlocked it to be read-write. As I wrote before I am also able to write to it. But for some reason I can only “overwrite” not “delete” files.

Ah, indeed. Sorry!
Is the behavior the same after reinserting it / OS restart?

oh, wow, no that fixed it. Thanks :person_facepalming:

Guess I was so unsure if this is intended behaviour that I didnt tinker around more.

Yes. Apparently the operating system is not updating the state for some reason, so it needs to be reinserted to catch that.

Ideally we would have a warning about this in Nitrokey App as the expected behavior. We could internally reboot the device just afterwards, but that potentially could break some current user interaction.