Unable to set user PIN or Reset Code


I have been testing Nitrokey Start (firmware 1.26) today and found the following operations not working. I’m using gpg 2.1.18 in Debian Stretch.

The token is factory-reset. I’m able to set admin PIN but not able to set user PIN or reset code.

When trying to change PIN, I get: Error changing the PIN: Conditions of use not satisfied. Yet I’m sure the PIN satisfies conditions because it is long and complex.

When trying to set Reset Code, I get: Error setting the Reset Code: Card error.

My test PIN or Reset Code work on another token (from different brand) I have.

Any idea what is going one?

Okay. I think my token is fine.

After generating keys on the token, both functionalities work. I think this is just the quirk of this token.

The Nitrokey Start need to have keys installed for being able to change the PIN, see here.

Thanks Alex.

I read that page at first but that particular sentence about changing PIN didn’t register in my head. I would suggest you say that setting Reset Code would fail too.