Unable to setup machine

The very first time I booted the t430, in the middle of the Qubes configuration process, on “Getting Started - step 3” from the tutorial, the PC just shut off. There were no error messages, shutdown visuals, or anything - it just turned off. The nitrokey was inserted the whole time.

After booting again, the same thing happened, just much sooner in the process, before exiting the selection menu in Heads.

Looking online, the recommended solution was to do a factory reset. The same power off happened again during “factory reset - step 7”.

Now the system says that the TPM is missing or corrupted and the power off issue occurs on that heads screen.

To me, it sounds like the nitrokey is now useless for verification.


Hey @Hal,

I think I don’t have to ask, if your power supply is correctly connected to the ac, right ? :smiley: then … well, this is clearly not intended behavior.

Feels like there is something broken on hardware level - please contact the support through: support (at) nitrokey (dot) com and include your order number (SOxxxxxx). There we can investigate this further and find a solution for you.