Unable to use Nitrokey FIDO2 with Coinbase

Hello, I just receive my Nitrokey FIDO and I’m very disappointed. It’s useless! I’m unable to set up a 2fa on tutanota mail and coinbase.
During initializing the 2fa on tutanota mail, I receive an error pop up: “Your security key has not been recognized”. smh
Coinbasу error pop up: “Registration was either blocked, canceled or timed out. Please try again.”
OS: Windows 10
Browsers: Opera, Chrome, Mozilla.


Could you share your Windows 10 version and build number for retests?
It could be taken from the “About” screen in the “Settings” application. The fastest way is to enter “About” in the Start Menu.

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Can you delete my question please?


Of course. Before that could you share have you resolved your problems? Can we improve documentation somehow?

After a week, I still didn’t receive the response from Coinbase what the issue. Maybe you could contact them to make tests? Coinbase was the only one site that I failed to set 2FA using Nitrokey FIDO.

We are sorry to hear that you did not receive a reply from Coinbase. However we can not contact individual third parties, for a case-by-case issue.
To be on the safe side, according to this ticket (FIDO2), we advise to make sure you have the latest Nitrokey firmware version.


During the next days we plan to release a firmware update, which might solve your issue. Will write here once done so.

Firmware is up-to-date

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Please update your device to 2.1.0 version - it should work better. Site:

Updated. Still have the same error popup: “Registration was either blocked, cancelled or timed out. Please try again.”

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