Uninterruptible power supply UPS and NextBox - Power Failure solution?

Hi to all, I want buy a little UPS for my NextBox and another pc that I use as server. I don’t want to install anything to the NextBox to monitor the UPS device but send to my NextBox a shutdown command (via ssh) from the server where I’ll install nut
Someone did something like this? How did you solved power failure problem?

your ‘nut’ url doesn’t lead to anything for me here…
I do have an UPS before my NB, which is entierely independant from commanding the NB shutdown or reset…

Sorry! URL corrected.
Ok but how UPS send it’s status to the NitroBox? If the servers powered via UPS cannot monitor the batteries status of the UPS… when the batteries goes down the servers power off brutally

Sorry, I can’t answer that… My own, minimalist UPS just does not send status (other than ringing an audible alarm when mains is off); in my area mains shortages are very short and the UPS battery is well enough to withstand them…

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Thanks anyway!