Unlocked encrypted storage doesn't appear

I try to transfer data from my macbook to a Librem 13, and when I unlock the encrypted disk, it doesn’t appear on the librem’s files and I can’ access the contents.

Yesterday, the unlocked disk appeared and i was able to transfer some data, but for a reason obscure to me, now it doesn’t.

Any suggestion on what I should try?


In case you have initialized the encrypted volume (EV) on the MacBook, the OS has used Apple’s file system, which cannot now be recognized by the Librem 13. You can check the actual file system used on the macOS.
If that would be the case, you would need to reformat the EV to some common ground, like extFAT.

Or maybe you just need some drivers for the macOS filesystems which might be installable through PureOS’s repositories.

In any case it is a good idea to use something that every system can read out-of-the-box like exFAT or FAT32, loke @szszszsz said.


Sorry it was not clear, but the key was initialized on the librem first. I tried it on this system, copying irrelevants files to check how it should be done.

I see. Could you write a complete scenario for a reproduction? E.g.

  1. Initialize key on the Librem hardware
  2. MacBook: copy files to Nitrokey Storage
  3. Librem 13: try open the EV - cannot see the files

Please put the earlier event here as well, where the disk appeared and data was transferred.

Could you precise please, what do you mean by initialization? I mean here, is it device initialization, or EV file system format?
Additionally could you check, what is the current file system on the EV?