Updating firmware - maximized version - how to?


I’ve found several posts of people who had an issue which required externally flashing the firmware to Nitropad, but no detailed explanation of how to do that.

In some cases, posting a laptop to Germany might be very expensive. In my case, I have to flash externally, because without that I’m not able to install the newest Qubes on x230. This is because of a bug/issue beyond my control, which you acknowledged happens to a small percentage of x230 which leaves me with an outdated system for now a very long time. I am in contact with someone via email, which is extremely slow - it has been months now that I keep receiving responses that are actually not getting me any closer to getting this solved. I understand your workload, but perhaps posting the info somewhere would mean that you get less direct asks for the same thing and those of us who have the issue can try to solve it?

This page could be updated with information on how to externally flash → Firmware Update v1.4+ - Nitrokey Documentation

Or else, can I please receive support around this issue, it’s been a really, really long time I’m waiting.


I have not performed an external flash for the rom yet, but need to update as well at some point. Did you see the instructions under this section?
The point 4. link is 404, I suppose the current for our machines is this.
edit: actually, there is another page for Ivy bridge thinkpads. Not sure which is more applicable right now, but the latter links a coreboot tutorial for flashing as well.

Have you tried to prepare the rom for external flashing following those steps?


No, I haven’t tried this, because initially I was told that a flashing procedure with Nitrokey firmware is somewhat different. I guess I imagine that it’s one thing to do the coreboot procedure oneself and add everything manually, and another thing to use Nitrokey firmware. That’s how it sounded. I’m not receiving any emails back to my questions from support, so I’m quite lost to be honest, as this is also quite beyond what I have experience with.

Can someone from the team please help?