Updating NK Pro v1 (fw v0.8) for the profane

I have an “old” NK Pro v1 running fw v0.8, and I see there are many new versions of the firmware available on github, including some recommended updates (e.g. v0.14).

I’ve been reading https://github.com/Nitrokey/nitrokey-pro-firmware/blob/master/README.md and not being too well versed in electronics, I’m having a hard time making out what I need to do, especially wrt mounting the adapter and the nk together.

On the schematics, my board only has the “blue rectangle” contact plates.


Are there schematics or photographs of the full assembly ready to be flashed? Additionally, what are the specific instructions wrt soldering pins together between the adapter and the NK pro?



The “blue rectangle” contacts are all you need. You should use the guide described as SWD:

  1. Once you solder the cables to the mentioned contact pads, you need to connect them to debug
    adapter’s respective inputs (as described in the docs or on its case).
    You can find more on the hobbyist pages, e.g.:

  2. Then using OpenOCD or STM’s official tool you can flash the new firmware (however all user data will be removed with that operation).

Example soldering for SWD operations (development hardware; “red rectangle”):


PS You can probably avoid on-device soldering with the Nitrokey Pro hardware you have, when using the DFU approach (it requires making custom adapter to serial communication though) :