Upgrade from Qubes 4.0 to 4.1 (x230/nitrokey)

I have a Nitropad x230 with Qubes 4.0. Recently Qubes has released 4.1, is there anything I should know that is specific to the Nitropad x230 and my Nitrokey when performing a clean install of Qubes 4.1 as documented here


We working at the moment at a oem 4.1 installation image (this includes the Nitrokey app preinstalled and is monstly automated) but also the stock install will work. Please note that you need to update the firmware to 1.4 Firmware Update v1.4+ — Nitrokey Documentation

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I was asked to add this to this post. In my case it is about T430 Nitropad, I guess it is the same issue. If my guess will be confirmed, please update the title accordingly.

Error during upgrade to Heads 1.4:

T430 Nitropad (+Nitrokey Pro) upgrade from 1.3.1 to Heads 1.4 (forced to upgrade due to Qubes OS 4.1 → requires cryptsetup2 → requires coreboot 4.13).

Here, some screenshots with the system info and error message.

… I am limited to send only one image per post, so I have to drop picture one by one here.

@nesti Can you take a look at this one too?

There are 2 options to move forwards

  1. Option A - Nitrokey upgrade
  2. Option B - extract the firmware by double clicking the file and the rom file with the signature file will be available.

Be patient when the rom is written to the system and that should be it.

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Your link is pointing to the general Firmware Update

But as you can see here Upgrade from Qubes 4.0 to 4.1 (x230/nitrokey) - #3 by Julli I am running already 1.3.1. The Nitrokey documentation says I need to follow this upgrade guide when doing the upgrade from 1.3.1 to 1.4:


Is this guide incorrect, now?
Should I ignore the 1.4 update documentation and flash with the *.rom instead of the *.npf (which is explained in the 1.4 update doc)?

If so, the nitrokey documentation should be updated to:

If you have already the previous Heads version 1.3.1 on your Nitropad (X230 or T430 plus a Nitrokey) and you want to upgrade to the latest Heads version 1.4+ (i.e. if you want install Qubes OS 4.1*) you need to:

  1. Download the latest *.npf file for your X230 or T430 https://github.com/Nitrokey/heads/releases

  2. Unpack the *.npf

  3. Verify the detached signature and the hash:
    gpg2 --verify sha256sum.sig sha256sum
    sha256sum *.rom

  4. If all checks are fine, use the *.rom file (which was insight of the rom file not the rom with is directly availabe on the release page) and follow this procedure: Firmware Update — Nitrokey Documentation

Remark: *Qubes OS 4.1 → requires cryptsetup2 → requires coreboot 4.13