USB stick as external storage

Hey there,

in the docs it says that only external storage with own power supply should be used for the nextbox. Does that concern USB sticks, too? Or could I attach a stick with, let’s say 128GB, to the nextbox for making backups?

And just one other question: Can I manually select in the web interface which data is stored on which drive or is this only possible in the backup menu?

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Hey @f0x,

This generally might work, but as we cannot be sure we still recommend to use an externally powered usb-hub.

If you mean the Nextcloud web interface, no this is not possible. You can only choose your backup device inside the NextBox App.

Alright, thanks for the info.

Yep, that’s what I meant. Just wanted to know if I have the full control over where exactly which data is stored or if the nextbox decides that automatically. I guess I’ll just order one with more space than :slight_smile:

Awesome work btw! Thank’s a lot for putting so much effort into such an important project.

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