Use VirtualBox / Distrobox to use my nk3


Since My Linux Mageia is not well supporting the nk3 I wonder whether I can use the virtual box or distrobox
to use a better supported system and use the key there. Or is this not possible because of the host system?


Sure you can pass through USB devices from the host via virtual box to a VM. Why shouldn’t you be able to do so?

Hello @bernd

If the Host system did not allow me to use pcscd because of polkit then the guest system - I guess - can not access this too.

The host system just needs to pass through the USB device to the guest VM.

hello @bernd

That is not the point. The point is whether the guest system may access the device when the host system denies the access via polkit restriction.

anyway I will soon install an other system beside Mageia and try to use the key there.
Maybe Fedora or Linux Mint.