Using Nitrokey HSM 2 for Authentication

We are using AM335x based Gateway. We want to use HSM 2 based USB for key authentication. Can we generate openSSL based key pair outside (in ubuntu 14.04 PC) and move the keys to Nitrokey HSM 2. How to access the keys from Nitrokey HSM 2 in ARM processors.

J. Chandra Sekhar

Hi @chandrasekharJ !

Sorry for the delay. Please take a look at the Nitrokey HSM2 fact-sheet regarding the supported algorithms. Regarding the libraries, there is a SDK available.

Hi Szczepan,
Thank you for the information.
Which SDK to be followed in the below link ( for code signing. Basically we want to use the keys generated by HSM2 during our image build.

J. Sekhar