Using Nitrokey on differents systems


I bought a nitrokey during the pre-order campain, and I still cannot use it properly. Please tell me if I’m doing the things wrong or if there is an issue with the device/ecosystem.

I want to use the key as a gpg token (like I already do with the nitrokey start).

My main system: debian

The key is properly recognized properly with gpg, I have no issue to use it.

Reader ...........: Nitrokey Nitrokey 3 [CCID/ICCD Interface] 00 00
Application ID ...: D276000124010304000FB9EF61DC0000
Application type .: OpenPGP
Version ..........: 3.4
Manufacturer .....: unknown
Serial number ....: B9EF61DC

Side note: installing the tool nitropy

Unfortunately, the application nitropy cannot be installed properly on debian stable. This is because of the python versions supported which does not matches the versions provided by debian:

  • Python 3.9 is only provided in oldstable
  • Python 3.10 is only provided in sid ! (I can’t put the link here because of new account but you can check)

I’ve been able to install python3.9, but this is not something we can do easily now :frowning:

Using the key in windows

Nothing is recognized when I plug the key to the computer, neither in the Device Manager, nor in Kleopatra (the NItrokey start works fine)

Using the key with android

Openkeychain does not recognized the key when I plug it in the back of the phone.
I’ve tried another application, the NFC reader works fine, but nothing is read from the key. Should I need to install the gpg key in the token before getting it recognized ?

I’ve also tried with another nitrokey 3A (still the platic bag, never used), and the key is not recognized either.

What’s surprises me is that the phone is able to read NFC data from other cards. So maybe is there a thing I’m not doing properly. Tell me if you can see something I can do to make the key work properly…

That is strange. I have several Nitrokey 3 and they get detected also in Kleopatra. Maybe something is blocking the Smartcard Reader?

On Debian you could use Nix package manager to obtain a newer version of Python without compiling it from scratch.