Using nitrokey with windows login

is there a way to use nitrokey with windows login?
also, how can i use aloah crypt disc with my nitrokey?

Hey @averlice

so far we know there is no way to use a Nitrokey for a local only Windows machine.
In an AD environment there are ways using PIV like shown in this youtube video or in our docs.

also, how can i use aloah crypt disc with my nitrokey?

We don’t have direct experience with aloah crypt disc, our docs mention it explicitly as a derivate of VeraCrypt - so this would be a good start to check those.

i see.
why not do what yubico did, making a windows logon app so individual users can login?

We’d love to, but frankly this is anything but trivial - so far we understand one has to implement an application which provides:

The latter has an code example, which is 9 years old :slight_smile:
Overall this is clearly on our wishlist, but as implied: this is quite some work for which we also don’t have the required in depth windows-api experience in house - would be really awesome if there would be some awesome open-source developer out there implementing a generic approach using FIDO2 / webauthn - this would be far more preferable than a super specific solution similar to what Yubico does…