Using Notrokey Storage at work without admin privileges


came across Nitrokey via wikipedia. Looks very interesting. Have been discouraged by traditional hardware encryption storage solutions because not open source.

Keen to get my hands on Nitrokey Storage but need to unerstnad whether I’ll be able to use it at work given I have no admin privileges. With most harware solutions, you can type in pin on the stick via small buttons but how do you accomplish this with Nitrokey? I cannot install/run software on work computer so how would Windows at work ask me the pin?


In my case, we have a specifically contained folder where we are allowed to copy small utilities, that only can run from there without installation nor admin privileges (so, not all utilities will work), but indeed NK worked and my NK storage then was totally supported.
If you can run the Nitrokey app this way on your work PC chances are it’ll work.
Now, if in addition you have a super serious local encryption on your PC (like Prim’X Zed systems for instance) you will have conflicts when opening the NK. This is what is happening to me since they installed this at work alas, trashing all my process to bring data back and fort savely :frowning: :frowning:
But if you are not in a paranoid company, honest : try running the NK app, if it works (announcing no key available or something like that), you’ll be OK.
Also : in general the computing support guys are not totally crazy : you may just contact them announcing you wish to bring work to home in a safer way, and they may accept to install the NK app themselves?

That is very helpful, thank you Herve5. I guess this justifies my concerns. Before I invest in purchasing a key, I need to liaise with you IT guys. What is stopping Nitrokey making the next step which is implementing the little keypad on the USB stick so that the utility is not needed when the USB key is installed?

Also, is there a proper page I can point the IT guys to that will give them a good overview of the requirements to get the Nitrokey working on the company wide system (we all work off terminals that are being server with virtual instances of Windows 7 (off Windows server 2012 R2 … I think …)