Using, on Windows 11, 3A mini that was set up on Ubuntu 22.04

PIN was set with nitropy on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS. Removed NK from Ubuntu machine and inserted it into Windows 11 machine.
NK app 2 was installed on W11 after forcing Webroot SecureAnywhere to allow it.
Double click on desktop icon to open app 2
Click on Passwords tab
Shows names of passwords for sites I have entered on Ubuntu computer, but if I click on one, it just displays the following:
Name ?
[check box] Protect with PIN
If I don’t do anything, the app simply quits after a few seconds.
If I click the check box Show Protected Passwords, then I am prompted for my PIN:
Please enter the Passwords PIN (remaining retries: 8):
I enter my PIN.
Dialog box appears:
Press the button on the Nitrokey 3 if the LED blinks.
First, the light on the 3A mini does NOT blink. It lights up, but it stays lit up, it does not turn on and off repeatedly. (That’s what “blink” means in English.)
If I don’t touch the 3A mini, a dialog box appears:
PIN validation failed: SecretsAppException(code =6982/SecurityStatusNotSatisfied)
[button] OK
app 2 quits.
If I DO touch the 3A mini, the app still only displays the Metadata text given above.
If I press the Refresh button, I am again prompted to touch the 3A mini. The app 2 quits.
No matter what I do, I can’t see the passwords.
Is there some setup I haven’t done?

I uninstalled the Nitrokey app 2 that was installed using the installer, and downloaded the precompiled binary. It behaved exactly the same way. That is, Windows Defender complained about it. I instructed Webroot to allow the file, that is, to treat it as safe and not quarantine it. The app does run, but when I do so I cannot access any of the passwords stored on it: it just displays something about metadata. If I click the Add button to add a new password, a dialog box appears asking for the name of the certificate and forcing a choice between TOTP and HOTP and the secret. The OK button never became clickable, only the Cancel button.

Tested same on Windows 10. Windows Defender behaved the same way, but Webroot allowed it. (I notified Webroot about the fact that it flagged the Nitrokey app 2 as malware, so perhaps they made some changes in the meantime.) When I start the app and try to access my 3A mini that was set up on Ubuntu, I cannot see the passwords of any credentials that were added on Ubuntu, and adding a new credential requires either TOTP or HOTP and OK button never becomes active.