W10 Unknown Smartcard


Long story short, I’ve had to use my Nitrokey on the work laptop for some decryption work, but after inserting it, no valid smartcard gets detected.

Device driver in W10:
Microsoft USBCCID Smartcard Reader (WUDF)

Smartcard type:
Unknown smartcard.

Removing the drivers / Undo installation very briefly shows the hardware device as Nitrokey Storage but then it fails over to the Microsoft USBCCID Smartcard Reader.

No valid smartcard is detected this way. Anyone experienced this yet / know how to resolve ? Been at it for a good few hours now and can’t get it to work …


As mentioned in the installation steps, this behaviour is normal and usually safe to ignore (e.g. if you use GPG or OpenSC) unless you want to use the Nitrokey with certain Windows tools which require those. You find the required driver here: mysmartlogon.com/openpgp-card-mini-driver/