WARNING: Encrypted volume is not secure

This afternoon, I finished using my Nitrokey Storage, unmounted the unencrypted and encrypted volumes, locked the device, shutdown my computer, and removed the Nitrokey.

Tonight, I plug in my Nitrokey Storage and see this error:
“WARNING: Encrypted volume is not secure,
Select “Initialize storage with random data”.”

I can’t unlock the encrypted storage. I need the data that’s on it.

Earlier it asked me about AES keys. I may have clicked yes in a panic.

What happened, and how can I recover my data?

If you enter the passphrase incorrectly a few times, you get asked whether you want to generate new AES keys in order to reset the device and make it usable again.

The notice that the storage needs to be initialized (again) may be a hint, that this is the case. If you reset the AES key, the data on the device is irrevocably lost. However, if you used other features like OpenGPG token, this might still be useable if you can recall your PINs.