Warranty for NK HSM2 and FIDO2


What is your warranty for quality of Nitrokey HSM2 and FIDO2?

Does it depend on the delivery carrier used?

Where can I read replacement policy and other related terms?

Why your current delivery rate to Russia is so high (expensive)?
Earlier your shipping costed about 10 times less.


Please write to shop@nitrokey.com regarding these.

I already did this.

About on July 15 Rebecca mentioned ability to to choose from several delivery options to Russia:

Normally the shipping charges depend on the shipping method. You can try to select registered mail an see if it will be cheaper with that option.
Kind regards

Rebecca Kette
Nitrokey GmbH

I was able to choose like $8-$13, which is acceptable, but payment by a credit card did not work.

She told they will fix payment by CC and they actually did by adding Stripe gateway now, but now shipment became almost $100 again :(, the choices of delivery methods I was able to do on July 15 disappeared again as before July 15.

How to get $13 USD shipment (registered parcel with insurance) and payment by CC at the same time?

Is it a good practice of switching on and off affordable shipment methods only like for a teasing?

Is it a secret information not available to public regarding to warranty terms?
I ordered PRO2 and received it successfully two years ago, it costed me about $8 or less to ship.
Now it is $100 USD, what happened?

Today even the most reliable and popular forwarding services (Germany -> domestic Germany Forwarder -> Russia) would not take more than $30 USD and they can add an insurance just for 3% of the order cost which is about $2-3 more, that is still 3 times less in total than outrageous $100 USD just to ship and smaller forwarding services can do it even for twice less than big forwarder which is about $15-20.

I am OK to go with a big forwarder shipment cost with their insurance (about $30+$3=$33).
What about your warranty in such a case?

I need to know in advance your warranty and replacement terms if shipped by forwarding carrier or your $13 USD shipment (registered parcel with insurance), I was able to choose this rate only on a single day about July 15.

I can get the latest revision of Yubikey 5 for only $60 in Russia (+ $5 for domestic shipment) with a full 1 year warranty (item with hardware defects can be easily replaced for free of charge during the whole warranty period) and even a free replacement of working item to a newer revision if Yubico finds a significant security bug in their non reflashable firmware.

Your $50 NK PRO2 or $70 NK HSM2 + $100 for delivery looks like a significantly non-competitive offer only because of its total cost, though the cost of the items themselves without delivery are fair.
Almost any shop ships such small items worldwide for only $10-20 even today in spite of COVID 19, etc.

Cheaper shipment via registered letter are available now again. Because of the pandemic situation worldwide delivery options are restricted and can change daily.

German resp. European warranty terms apply and we use them also for international customers.

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