What is the diff between Nitro key and Yubi key and why yubi key is more supported

Is there a physical difference between NK and YK?
I ask because for my experience , there are much more sites and or programs like KeyPass accept the YK and did not know or don’t want to know?! the NK?
Or is this a software issue or cert issue?
Or simple because YK is have more market share?

regards :slight_smile:

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Yubikey is a big company, Nitrokey is a very small company, whose crowdfunding start is not even so many years ago for old guys like me :wink:

also Yubico is closed source and USA based.
Nitro is open source and based in Europe


Ironically, I recall it was finding out it was once an open source project. Although, that seems to not be the case since the new ownership or some other change…

It is what it is tho.

Unless this is the same company but they pulled back.

This is also possible. :frowning:

Thanks for answering!