Which ISO image should I use to reinstall the OS?

Hi Nitrokey community, I would like to ask which Qubes 4.1 ISO image should I use to reinstall the OS on Nitropad? The official one from the Qubes site, or do I have to wait until the OEM updates on the nitrokey site? Currently only 4.0.4 is available for download (Index of /files/ci/nitropad/qubes-oem).

If it is necessary to use the ISO image from the Nitrokey site, I would like to ask what specific changes are made to the image, compared to the official ISO? And when will the OEM image for Qubes 4.1 be available?

Thank you!


It is not necessary to use our oem image. The reason it is not public yet is that we working on the integration of the nitrokey app, which is not finished yet. Other then that, the oem image is just heavily automated default install.

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