WIN10 : No Upgrade Settings in NK App ?! (for Nitrokey Pro)

hey all

I have a NK Pro, the version 1.4 the App and 0.14 the Firmware
IMHO it is a 2 generation Stick. I will do a Update of my Firmware. But, the NK APP (under WIN10) shows no option for “upgrade” ?!

If i start the Upgrade Tool, the tool found no Nitrokey - yes the Stick is ON (the App tells me)

what do i have to do to:

make the stick upgrade capable?
so that the stick is also recognized on WIN to upgrade?

Thanks in advance

I think it is planned according to the release notes to have a better upgrade experience. Right now only the manual approach which works best from Linux / a Linux Live CD:

Update guide (draft):
nitrokey-pro-firmware/ at master · Nitrokey/nitrokey-pro-firmware · GitHub
Automatic update with pynitrokey is planned to be added in the future.

Out of curiosity, I also did some updates to the Nitrokey Storage as there were some minor issues with newer Windows 10 releases.

Why do you want to update right now? The crucial part is on a ID-000 sized smartcard on both Nitrokey Pro and Storage. Besides fixing (security) issues or new features, I would not do upgrades.

Devices that I use daily I usually buy in pairs so that I can safely test upgrades. Some microcontrollers have an upgrade process where you cannot easily come back out of the update mode without complete flash of the firmware.

Using Linux for this works smoother as a lott devs and users run that as their daily driver.

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Hello & Thanks for your Answer,

i need “win” for Work, and in the future i will rollout Nitrokeys in a WIN/AD Network…
and yes, i use ( in most cases) gnu/linux for my work. - on my gnu/linux the NK App is 1.4.1 - in win10 1.4.0

now i use a (fdroid) software for TOTP :frowning:

Hint: How can i edit the Title ? e.g.: [SOLVED] :grinning:

OK, i have "upgrade my NK Pro (jep, on GNU/Linux)

but, to my estimation, the software on the server (password manager) does not work with Nitrokey