Windows scaling problem with Nitrokey App

I wanted to change the User/Admin PIN with the Nitrokey App in Windows 10 on a high resolution monitor. But the windows ‘Set User PIN’ and ‘Set Admin PIN’ do not scale properly (see attached screenshot). I had to change to the lowest possible screen resolution and set scaling to 100 % in order to see what I type into fields for the current and new PIN. Nitrokey support needs to adapt the layout of these windows to avoid this problem in the future.

The same problem occurs with the Change Firmware Password.Scaling problem


I opened a new issue. What Version of Nitrokey App are you using?

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version 1.1:

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Is the issue occurring in any other form/window? E.g. hidden volume setup, PIN form, configuration window?


I went through the menu of the Nitrokey App, i.e. the first level down
but I did not check all sub-sub-menues and did not notice any other such
scaling problems.

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