Activated SSH and now can't reach the web interface

I activated ssh by adding an ssh key through my admin account. I confirm that the key was copied correctly and the nextbox is still active on the network:

  • I can ping
  • I can ssh into the box using my ssh key and I have access to the command line

However, when I try to connect to the nextbox via the standard method, I get an error 403:
“You don’t have permission to access this resource.Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe”

All services stopped working (apps on phone, etc). I’m guessing that activating ssh changed something in the setup, but I can’t reach the admin interface.
Note: I did do a second change at the same time. I plugged in an external drive (usb3 hd with dedicated power, formatted as ext4) to make backups. I have a hard time seeing how plugging in a usb drive would have changed anything, though.

Ok. I partly answered my own question. I found the following thread here: Festplatte EInbinden / External Storage

From that thread: the “can’t read htaccess” is a symptom that there was not enough power to supply the internal drive.


  • Disconnect the external hard drive usb connection
  • ssh into the nextbox and do a shutdown.
  • Unplug and re-plug to start up.
  • Once booted, wake-up the external drive. My drive is a WD elements that has a specific power button, although the functionality of the button is dubious. I saw that if you press the button while unplugged from usb, the drive wakes up and spins, obviously taking power from the wall plug
  • Plug the usb cable from the drive to the nextbox

So far,partially good. I’m a little worried at what will happen if the external drive spins down. When the nextbox goes to access it, it will wake up, and I’m not sure if the power demand will come from the wall plug or the nextbox through usb. Seems like, to be sure, I should put a powered usb hub between the nextbox and the external hard drive.

There’s a problem left in that I can’t see the drive in the list of possible backups through the web interface. Via ssh, I can see two disks in /dev, but I’m not sure why the web interface does not give me an option.
Probably best to close this thread and I can open a different one with the second issue if needed.

Ah… I had to mount the drive first. Silly me.