Mounting an external hard drive as a backup

I’m struggling to mount my external HDD hard drive (specifically an iomega LDHD-UP) to my Nextbox. I’ve formatted the hard drive for ext4 using Homebrew’s e2fsprogs, have connected the inbuilt external power supply and added another power supply in the form of a powered usb hub after it popped up with a message as seen in this post. Sometimes when I plug it into the USB 3 socket nothing happens, and other times a warning pops up which says:


You don’t have permission to access this resource.Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe

Apache/2.4.51 (Debian) Server at **** Port 443"

When this hasn’t happened, I’ve looked on the “Storage Management” section of the “Nextbox” app, but nothing has popped up. Without a backup being connected, the Nextbox has worked perfectly.

Please could someone advise me as to what I should do next.

Yeah as you already figured the problem is the power supply all the usb ports of the rpi4 together can use 1,2 A, the internal SSD is connect via usb so that make the margin for other external Drives slim and if they take too much the internal drive is switched off and you got that error message. Also it seems that your external harddrive sometimes don’t get enough power to start up, because of this it does not show up in the Storage Management. I think this is really an issue with this drives needing to much power, so probably it will not work together with the Nextbox, also the USB Hub may not provide power to it? Does it show any form of “live” if it is connected just to the hub (like a led) ?

Firstly, thanks for your response!

The hub (from Urban Factory) is connected to its own power supply which it advertises as helping to run devices which need more power than a computer can provide. However, there is no LED to say if there’s a device connected. As you say, I’m guessing that the USB hub I have mustn’t provide enough power to my external hard drive.

mm unfortunately it does not say anything about what kind off power the hub can supply. What kind of power supply you have connect to the hub over the miniusb cable (somewhere on it must be written how much ampere it puts out) i think it should be at least 1A the more the better

It says 1 amp, which I’m guessing is just not enough for the HDD. Thanks for your support, and I’ll have a look into another way to backup my Nextbox.