Nextbox Questions (Answers?)

Hey there,

i would like to collect Q&A about the Nextbox. For me some questions about this nice little box pop up and maybe some others are interested too.

  • Is there a Backup
    Yes, local Backups are implemented (what about SFTP/SMB/S3/?).

  • Am i going to be able to replace the Raspberry Pi with the latest version (at the moment 4B)?

  • Is there a Roadmap?


For info, we already discussed some points here

All backup and file transfer mechanisms of Nextcloud are supported. See for example here.

Technically you could replace your RaspberryPi but it would be your own risk because we don’t support this.

No roadmap yet.

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Hey @jan,
thanks for getting back to my questions.

So no easy “one-click” backup is build into the system. You have to backup via the " Maintenance mode".

Fair enough…