[NextBox] way to mention here when NB is updated?

This morning when connecting I got once more the information that the box was about to auto-update itself (with, in addition, a message almost terrifying to the newcomer : ‘Possible CSRF attack. Connexion will be closed… Reload page:smiley: )
I definitely appreciate the strong work in Nitrokey that leads to this ever-improving update process, but maybe it’d be interesting to have somehow an announcement here (or on Github??) so that we are less often 'caught by surprise"? :wink:
Not an urgent issue whatsoever…

Hey @Herve5,

The Possible CSRF attack is a recurring issue, if you google it with “Nextcloud”. For me reloading the page has always solved this issue, sorry we currently see no way to solve this.

Generally, the Nextcloud upgrade could be automated, we did not go this step yet (see: Support additional Nextcloud-occ's housekeeping functions · Issue #11 · Nitrokey/nextbox-daemon · GitHub). Same applies for upgrades/announcements in general, there are some ideas, but for now I can’t say how and if this will happen.


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Aha! I found the way, that indeed is mentioned in the FAQ : checking here
-and additionally I see this last update (as of today) adds the shutdown/reboot GUI that we discussed just a few days ago :+1: