Nitrokey 3 nfc iPhone 14

Just bought a nitrokey 3 nfc, but nfc doesn’t not work with my iPhone 14. Anyone can gives me support ?

How did you test it?

Did you update it to the latest version? E.g. using nitro-app 2 Release Release v2.1.2 · Nitrokey/nitrokey-app2 · GitHub

You can test it first on a PC with USB connection using e.g. this web site:

If this works, try it on your IOS device. Open e.g. in Safari

Put the nitrokey on the top middle with the back facing to the phone (the side of the CE symbol)

If this does not work try to restart the IOS device

Thanks for your answer

I have the latest version of the firmware.

I tested it both on pc and ipad connecting by usb c and it works.

By nfc on iPhone it’s not working. Tried in safari as in other browser. I did reboot iPhone but issue remains.

Any other suggestion?

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Take a look here:

You can test the NFC with powerup the key (usb Powerbank, usb Kabel from Pc,….)

Same problem here with Nitrokey 3C NFC and an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Both on latest firmware / OS.
A YubiKey is working, but the Nitrokey does just nothing.